Hands-on training week at the Nanobiotechnology Laboratory

Hands-on training week at the Nanobiotechnology Laboratory, was held in the period 13.-17.11.2023. in Joint Research Center (JRC), Ispra, Italy.
Prof. dr Nataša Stojić, attended advanced training for working on sophisticated equipment for testing nanomaterials and microplastics at JRC.
She had the opportunity to learn the concepts of sample preparation for these methods, and most importantly, she was informed about the guidelines of the new EU directives regarding microplastics.
On the first day of training participants from the seven selected projects and lead country institutions presented their projects.
Prof. dr Natasa Stojic presented the activities and goals of the project “Joint Training and Capacity Building for Effective Microplastic Pollution Risk Assessment in Agriculture” which is a short-term project in which the participants are the Educons University from the Serbian side and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences from the Croatian side. This project is in synergy with ongoing research at Greenland project so the goals and tasks of the Greenland project were also presented to the training participants.
The training was financed from the Open access Joint Research Center (JRC) Research Infrastructures Training and Capacity Building program.
Selected teams from Ukraine, Georgia, Croatia, Romania, Austria and two more teams from Serbia participated in the training with their projects. In addition to training and capacity building, it was an opportunity to network with experts in the field of nanomaterials and microplastics and exchange experiences, in order to open the possibilities of joint application to future scientific research (HORIZON, IPA, INTERREG,…) and open-access JRC projects.