Microplastics hotspots

Identification of hotspots with potential microplastics contamination.
The map shows the geographical distribution of total phthalates on the territory of AP Vojvodina and illustrates the results of soil analysis conducted at Educons University. Phthalate esters are plasticizers that are added to plastic products to improve their characteristics. That is why they were chosen in this case as possible indicators of soil pollution with microplastics.


Deliverable NoWork Package NoLead BeneficiaryTypeDissemination LevelDue Date (month)
D1.1. Report of Scientific roadmapWP11 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public12
D1.2. Report of Innovative roadmapWP11 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public20
D1.3. Report of Technology roadmapWP13 - NUIGR — Document, reportPU - Public30
D1.4. Report-on-Initiative-for-the-national-strategyWP11 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D2.1. Data Management PlanWP23 - NUIGOTHERPU - Public6
D2.2. Report of Cloud Based System (CBS)WP21 - EDUR — Document, reportSEN - Sensitive10
D2.3. Report of eLearning System (ELS)WP23 - NUIGR — Document, reportSEN - Sensitive12
D2.4. Report of established University Repository (UR)WP23 - NUIGR — Document, reportPU - Public8
D2.5. Final report on WP2WP23 - NUIGR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D3.1. Human Resource Strategy (HRS)WP31 - EDUOTHERSEN - Sensitive6
D3.2. Report of a Project Incubator Hub (PIH) and Technology Transfer Hub (TTH)WP31 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public20
D3.3. IP strategyWP31 - EDUOTHERSEN - Sensitive15
D3.4. Final report on WP3WP32 - AWIR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D4.1. Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication PlanWP41 - EDUOTHERSEN - Sensitive6
D4.2. Report on all dissemination activitiesWP41 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D4.3. Report on knowledge transfer activitiesWP41 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D4.4. Final publishable report on WP5WP41 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D5.1. Project start-up meeting minutes and reportWP51 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public2
D5.2. Project Management meeting minutes and reportWP51 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public36
D5.3. Progress reportWP51 - EDUR — Document, reportPU - Public17