Webinar “Solving the problem of microplastics through evolvingrecycling technology”

The webinar on “Solving the Problem of Microplastics through Evolving Recycling Technology,” was held on November 3, 2023, as the result of cooperation between projects upPET-T and GREENLand.

Fuensanta Monzó Sánchez from CETEC, Spain, opened the event, followed by presentations from experts such as Nataša Stojić (Educons University, Serbia), Debolina Paul (Digiotouch, Estonia), Ines Fritz (BOKU University, Austria), Valentina Bisinella (DTU – Technical University, Denmark), and Teresa Calvo Vilanova (ITENE, Spain). Topics ranged from the emergence of microplastics as an environmental pollutant to sustainable upcycling, microbial interactions with polymers, and innovative solutions like UPLIFT’s bioupcycling and PRESERVE’s finish coatings to reduce microplastics release from recycled textiles. The webinar showcased the diversity of approaches and emphasized the collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts needed to combat the global challenge of microplastic pollution.

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