Educons University Researchers on Training at the Alfred Wegener Institute

In June 2023, researchers from Educons University completed their training at the AWI (Alfred Wegener Institute) for polar and marine research on Helgoland. The training was related to water and sediment sampling techniques, sample preparation as well as qualitative and quantitative instrumental analysis of microplastics.

The training started with a detailed introduction to water and sediment sampling techniques. Researchers learned how to identify appropriate sampling sites and collect representative water and sediment samples.

After mastering adequate seawater and sediment sampling techniques, researchers were trained to separate microplastics from given samples using techniques such as particle size separation. In addition to an adequate sampling method, particular importance was given to the importance of minimizing the possibility of sample contamination in order to obtain precise results.

By familiarizing themselves with the most modern techniques of micro and nano-FTIR and Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of microplastics, the researchers gained practical knowledge for the identification and characterization of different types of microplastic particles.

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