GREENLand training on capacity building of Educons University: Knowledge transfer training – experience from University of Galway, Ireland

As part of the Horizon Europe project GREENLand – Twinning Microplastic-free Environment, which is financed by the European Union, under grant agreement number 101079267, on September 19, 2023, online Knowledge transfer trainingexperience from University of Galway, Ireland was held. The training is part of the activities of work package 3 of the GREENLand project, which are carried out with the aim of strengthening the knowledge and research capacity of Educons University. As part of this training, group of researchers from the Educons University transferred to their colleagues the knowledge and experience of their work on the detection of microplastics in the environment, acquired during their stay at the University of Galway. After brief presentation about capacity building meetings at University of Galway, presentation of researchers from Educons University was about extraction and instrumental methods of microplastics in soil samples. Afterwards, Ana Mendes, PhD, colleagues from University of Galway, had presentation titled Microplastics in the Marine Environment: Analytical Considerations and Emerging Sources. To conclude this training, word was be given to Liam Morisson, PhD, and Marc Healy, PhD, hosts from University of Galway, to give more details and share his impressions. At the end, participants opened discussion and Q&A session. The training lasted 90 minutes and it was recorded. The video and presentations are available to Educons University staff in Google Classroom.