GREENLand project at the 9th International Bled Water Forum in Slovenia

Our esteemed professors, Dr. Stojic, Dr. Milosevic, and Dr. Pucarevic, were panellists at the prestigious 9th International Bled Water Forum in Slovenia that was held from 13-14 June 2024. Their insightful discussion centred on the critical importance of prevention measures, rigorous test procedures, and the necessity of enacting laws to regulate microplastics in the environment, with a special focus on bottled water. Their expertise and dedication to environmental protection continue to inspire and drive change.

The main topics of this two-day event were global trends, innovations, and a new discourse on drinking water:

  • New contaminants in drinking water not yet regulated by the EU
  • Impact of new contaminants in water on humans and the environment proposed legislation
  • Innovations to ensure drinking water quality without new contaminants, including utility companies, international water managers and water bottlers
  • BWF international Drinking Water Certificate of Excellence, identifying the best quality water sources and their suppliers
  • A revolutionary new understanding of drinking water in four categories (new language)
  • Examples of global drinking water developments in hospitality and tourism that we have created
  • Implementing the European Water Sommeliers Association (EWSA) water knowledge into the school system
  • We will demonstrate how to link water to food, coffee, tea and wine.

You can find the full programme and outstanding speakers from more than 20 countries on the official website. This year the Bled Water Forum/Festival is held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar.