GREENLand Webinar – Microplastics Chronicles: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Research

As a part of the Horizon Europe project GREENLand – Twinning Microplastic-free Environment, funded by the European Union, on Tuesday, 21st of May 2024, the webinar “Microplastics Chronicles: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Research” was held.

Six distinguished researchers had guest lectures and presented research work and results about the analysis and detection of microplastics in the environment.

Topics included:

  • Drivers of Riverine Microplastic Fate and Transport, by Professor Dr Stefan Krause
  • Challenges in Characterization of nano- and microplastics: state-of-art and selected examples, by Professor Dr Agnieszka Dąbrowska
  • Extraction Methods of Microplastics from Complex Environmental Matrices, Professor Dr Aleksandra Tubić
  • Microplastics in the Environment: Small particles, big analytical issue? by Dr Sebastian Primpke
  • Tracking microplastics in small river environments, by Dr Anja Bubik
  • Microplastics research at the University of Galway; from land to sea, Professor Dr. Liam Morisson.

After the lectures, a Q&A session was opened.

Recording of this webinar is available on our YouTube channel: @GREENLandProject.

You can download the Agenda for this online event here.