Highlights from the SurvajZveri event in Novi Sad

On Saturday, May 18, we attended the lovely “SurvajZveri” event, which was organised by the same-named Association @survajzveri. At the two-day competition in Kamenički Park, intended for children aged 6 to 15 and their parents, more than 500 children and their parents participated, as well as businessmen (companies that supported the event and those that participated from various spheres of the economy).

The program was hosted by former contestants of the television reality show “Survivor”. In addition to the polygonal sports competition, the children had the opportunity to compete in the Greenland plastic collection competition, which was led by Nemanja Brkljača.

Over 110 competitors, divided into teams, registered. They had 10 minutes to collect as much plastic as possible from the park, and the collectors trampled the plastic to press it and packed it in cotton bags. The winner was the one who collected the most pieces of plastic bottles, cups and packaging.

The winners collected 16 full cotton bags which was almost 400 plastic bottles/glasses, the second team collected 12.5 full cotton bags which was 310 plastic bottles/glasses, the third team collected almost 10 bags which was 245 bottles/glasses, and the fourth 6 full bags which was 150 bottles/glasses. In total, over 1500 silver glasses/bottles were collected during the event.

We would like to thank SurvajZveri Association for the flawless organization of the entire event and the wonderful experience for children, parents and guests.