Training on capacity building of EDUCONS University

The workshop in science communication and media cooperation for scientists, 9-10 May 2024.

Teacher: Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska, Silesian University of Technology
Technical support: Aleksandra Wojaczek, Silesian University of Technology

Within the European Union project Horizon Europe GREENLand – Twinning Microplastic-free Environment according to the grant contract number 101079267, 9. and 10. May of 2024 TRAINING FOR THE PURPOSE OF CAPACITY BUILDING OF EDUCONS UNIVERSITY was held – Workshop of scientific communication and media cooperation for scientists where the lecturer was Dr. Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska from Silesian University of Technology, Centrum Popularyzacji Nauki Politechniki Śląskiej from Poland with the topic “Scientific communication for environmental sciences – is microplastics “catchy” enough to gain media attention? “, as well as two workshops in which researchers from the Educons University participated.

Every researcher was asked to prepare an oral presentation of their research and to present it in 3 minutes in front of the cameras. After that, Dr. Aleksandra Ziembińska-Buczyńska directed researchers on how to improve their presentation and directed it to be better and more receptive to the media. The Agenda is available here.