Data analysis for innovative roadmap creation (categories of data, analysis of diversity indices proportion indices of similarity and diversity)

From March 11 to April 29, 2024, within the GREENLand project, a series of online training in econometrics was organized for researchers of the Faculty of Business Economics, Educons University.

The training provided an overview of basic econometric methods and models (regression analysis, time series analysis, simultaneous equation models, etc.) used in empirical work with data. Through the application of the SPSS statistical package during the training, the basic knowledge of econometrics, which is required for research work and has wide application possibilities in various fields, was completed.

Through an interactive approach, the training participants gained theoretical and practical knowledge by working on real data and had the opportunity to compare their approaches.

The training was held by Professor Vladimir Vasić, doctor of statistical sciences. A recording of all seven workshops and working material is available to Educons University researchers on Google Classroom.