Research Visit to University of Galway

Research Visit Announcement: Exploring the Microplastic Frontier

We are thrilled to announce an opportunity of our researchers prof. dr Nataša Stojić, prof. dr Mira Pucarević, prof. dr Ljiljana Ćurčić, and Galina Ćurčić for collaboration and exploration in the realm of microplastic research together with their hosts dr Liam Morisson, dr Mark Healy and dr Ana Rita Mendes.
Microplastics, minute particles of plastic pollution, have emerged as a pressing environmental concern with far-reaching implications for ecosystems and human health. In our ongoing efforts to understand and mitigate the pervasive impact of microplastics on our environment, our researchers will visit the University of Galway. Our partners in project will help in tackling challenges in microplastic research, provide insights in interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative research methodologies.
For the benefits and results of the research visit follow us in the next days.