Seminar on Archiving and Digitization of Documents

New Serbian legislation on archiving business documentation came into force on January 1, 2024, and lays out significant changes reflecting the ongoing digitization and digitalization. Accordingly, the seminar included the following topics:

  • new requirements and procedures on storing and protection of archival materials and documents in electronic format;
  • how to digitize a paper document;
  • electronic seals vs electronic timestamps;
  • the eArchiv app;
  • electronic daybooks;
  • eFile clerk’s office;
  • list of categories of documents;
  • retention periods;
  • data security.

The seminar was organized by REZON Media Group and facilitated by Ms Nataša Panić, an economist with extensive experience in accounting and auditing, as well as DMS, and ended with a 10-minute session on DMS in general.